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Other activities

VALLON PONT D’ARC is known all over the world for its gorges and the canoe trip.
But it’s also a wonderful playground for outdoor activities like speleology, canyoning, "rando aventure" or "Via ferrata".

Contact: loic@alphabateaux.com


A canoe trip “au crépuscule” : From VALLON PONT D’ARC to CHAMES as you never did it before ! Far from the crowded “traffic” of the day-descent and far from the big warmth of summer. Another way to discover the mini Canoe descent ! Your guide will share with you the secret of those places overflowing with History ! He will look after you all along your trip, specially in the “Charlemagne”, a famous rapid where water flows fast !
Break "aperitif" right in the middle of your descent.
Open to children aged under 7, when THEY CAN SWIN.
Price per person: 42 € per person for adults and children aged 12 and older. 35 € per child under 12.


That will be a great opportunity for you to discover many faces of the secret underground world with various paths and caves. (standing on your feet or crawling, abseiling or narrow passages and hand-rails).
You will be progressing with your own skills.
Your guide will teach you how to progress easily and share with you his enthusiasm. A good opportunity to discover the strange sculptures made of flowing water on the rock. By chance you will be able to see red ochre coloured handmade paintings.
Down there, temperature is 13/14 degrees all over the year.

Duration: Half day: (2hrs underground): 45 € per person. All day: (6hrs underground): 70 € per person.


- From age 6: Located in Le Bas du Chassezac or La Beaume (River). Spend a wonderful time with your children, in these gorgeous mini canyons. No special skills required , as there is no difficulty nor technical path. There won’t be any use of ropes either. You will be pleased to swim, bath, slide and jump into pure natural pools. Duration : Half day : 45 €.
- From age 12: Located in «Le haut du Chassezac, la Borne ou la Besorgues». You will be able to jump into those canyons ! (BUT YOU DO NOT HAVE TO !) Swimming and sliding from natural rock slides and short abseiling. For wild Nature lovers and strong thrill lovers too!

: half day : 45 €/pers; all day : 70 € per person.

Equipment provided
: Neoprene wetsuit, helmet, harness, a bag for your own properties.
We do not provide: Trainers or other sport shoes (no sleepers allowed), swimming costume or shorts, snacks, water….

Rando aventure

Looped path of 4/5 kms. Walking along the River Ardèche (on the right edge), and through the Famous Pont d’Arc, you will also walk on an old mule track on your way back. There will be rail paths, easy climbing or hiking. You will have the opportunity to explore a cave and its secret lake, hiking on various soils. Easy and open to everyone aged from 7 and more!

Half day: 38 € per person.

Equipment provided: rope and harness if needed…
We do not provide: hiking shoes or trainers, swimming costume or shorts, a light, ruck sack, water, snacks…

Via Ferrata

At Thueyts, in the gorgeous site of "le Pont du Diable", come and discover another activity close to climbing. Crossing spots: "un Pont Népalais, un Pont de Singe" and a Tyrolian rope of 90 m long will lead you to the other edge.

Duration: Half a day: 45 euros per person. For Children aged 10 or older / Height must be at least : 1m40 !

Equipment provided: ropes and harness.
We do not provide: hiking shoes or trainers, trousers or shorts (it depends on the weather on that day), ruck sack, water, snacks…..