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season 2017

We'll open on the 1st of april 2017

You can now book on line.

About the overnight on bivouac area the booking office will open on the 23th of march.

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Descent of 12 km

From Sampzon to Châmes
Paddling time: 3 hours
Varied canoe trip between shallow water and crossing over of barrages by toboggans !

The heron got settled on a rock and peeks for fishes in the shallow water….
From the “Blue bridge” near Salavas the river is in its natural state with all its impressive variety. It takes you directly to one of the most famous spots in the Ardèche: the rapids “Le Charlemagne” with its numerous little rocks!
After this sensation you’ll appreciate to continue your trip a little more quietly until you arrive at the majestic Pont d’Arc. This is the perfect place and moment to go bathing and to have a picnic.
Then you continue your trip towards Châmes where the big rocks -warmed–up by the sun- invite you to have a little catnap while waiting for the shuttle.

Theme stay

Come and paddle on Ardeche river : short trip of 8 km

Short trip during half of a day with the mythic "PONT d'ARC": natural bridge over the river, it's the door of South of France.

Departure between 8 am and 4 pm of Pont d'Arc launch since the landing stage deprived of Alpha Bateaux on the vast stretch of water of the " Small Sea " where you can train for the manipulation of the canoe by discovering the housing environment of beavers then it is the passage of a small rapids and the enchainement of small plans of water and rapids that will take you up to the Rapids of Charlemagne .With his numerous small rocks " Charlemagne " is a spot known well by the river Ardèche. After these sensations you will appreciate the quiet boating under the majestic arc of the Pont d'Arc .It will be the moment of a break bathing or picnic .Then you will resume your navigation towards Châmes where while waiting for the shuttle you will make a break nap on big calcareous rocks warmed by the sun.
The mini descent of the Ardèche, it is half a day of discovery, relaxation, happiness!

Supplied material: canoes and two-seater kayaks, single kayaks of type(chap) " sit on top " insubmersible, paddles, life jackets, tight containers for your personal effects, launch, initiation, return by bus
To plan: food, drink, held adapted to the water, the shoes of water, hat, solar cream …

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canyoning, speleology, via ferrata

During july and august you can book at AlphaBateaux renter shop
Come and discover underground Ardeche,strange landscapes,musterious and marvellous places
Jumps,abseils,swimming, slides,woter games in nature
Simply deal with vertical world, learn good technics for safety moving

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Of the material quality professional

For the season 2017 as every year equip Alpha Bateaux chose as you the best material:
Canoes and kayaks " sit one top ", double hull, insubmersible and autobouncers were particularly conceived for the river Ardèche By paddles EGALIS made in Charente: 200 quality paddles delivered by our supplier since 1985
Vests MACK made in the Lot in a small home-made unity: 130 vests of help to the buoyancy each year

The politics of Alpha Bateaux always was to supply with the recent material and to renew the same quantity of equipment every year, you are so insured to navigate in good conditions of comfort, security, aesthetics.

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New drag autoloaders: alpha Boats always leading in Ardèche

During the past decennies, the equipment evolved in a spectacular way:
- Boats built in new materials and new forms.
- More comfortable and more safe life jackets.
- Paddles ergonomic and solid.
- More reliable tight tins and easy to transport.
- Transport vehicles of comfortable persons and secured.

Only the trailers of transport of canoes had not evolved.
Of new models of trailers autoloaders were focusing by engineering consulting firms, and Alpha Boats chose trailers in wings of butterfly distriubuées by the company Monteils.
Henceforth, the staff does not have any more has to charge or to unload canoes in the strength of arms and in height.
Thanks to a sensible system of jacks, boats are automatically loaded with aprés to have been put down on loading ramps on the floor.

Dices this year, Alpha Boats invested in three trailers of this type(chap) who can transport 14 or 28 boats.
So, and beyond the improvement of the working conditions of the staff, trailers faster loaded with will decrease the waiting time of the customers during the returns of courses.

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Sustainable development Photovoltaique and: Alpha Bateaux invests.

The activity canoeing is a little polluting activity because it engenders only little emission of CO2. According to the recommendations of the Foundation Nicolas Hulot, to limit these emissions during returns by bus, theoccupation of vehicles must be optimized at most and we watch not to run with the half full minibuses.
The impact a person is so minimized.
To compensate for the residual emissions, we chose to transform the roof of our building of storage of vehicles and canoes into a source of clean power production.
On the south hillside we installed 156 solar panels on a surface of 240 M2 producing 27KW / H.
This installation is in service since April, 2010.

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The canoe OLD TOWN

To answer the specific desires of the amateurs of "truths" canoes, Alpha Bateaux was equipped with these boats since trés for a long time.

This year, it is a fleet of boats old town of type " Penobscot 164 " of green color that joined the Ardèche.

These boats are of type 2 or 3 places with seats in skeleton fluted wood comfortable trés.

The purists of canoes can so find at Alpha Boats the only fleet of canoes rented available Old Town on the river Ardèche.

Canoe Old Town is light and handy. It is possible to sit down or to paddle on the knees.

These boats address a warned and experimented public who will be delighted to find the canoes Old Town of type Discovery 158 or Penobscot at their favorite renter out.

You can rent this kind of old town canoe only in this renter: Alpha Bateaux


We know them


A quiet spot in Vallon pont d'arc

The alone naturist campsite in Ardèche

Canoeing down the river and naturism

In a small village Saint Andéol de Berg in Ardèche "le Méthéré" offer you : 5 bed and breakfast, swimming pool

Village Club 4* en sud Ardèche
04 75 37 71 32

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